8 January 2019

USA Marketing Trip

On January 7th, 2019 I embarked on my annual marketing trip to the United States and Canada. Arriving in Atlanta GA early morning on January 8th, I got into my rental car and headed off to my good friend and client - Mike Chamberlain in Bishop...

As always, it was great meeting up with my friend and a privilege to meet his lovely family. Details were finalized for Mike and his son - Austin's 2020 hunting safari and a good time was had with some great people.

9 January 2019

Warner Robins - GA

Next stop was Warner Robins where i visited with Jim and Jen Cowart who were kind enough to invite some friends over for a get together at their home that evening.

Always great to meet new people and make new friends. I'm currently working with Jim on putting together a group hunt in the near future.

9 January 2019

Peach Tree City - GA

Someone I consider as one of my mentors from my days in the Force - Col. Louis Kriel immigrated to the USA some 14 years ago and I'd been making plans to visit with him for several years now.

2019 was the year when everything came together and Louis and I met for lunch in his hometown of Peach Tree City GA en route back to Atlanta airport. Fantastic to meet up with an old friend after 27 years and enjoy a "Springbokkie" together!

11 - 13 January 2019

Great Rockies Sport Show - Bozeman MT

And then it was off to Bozeman MT for the first of the three hunting expos that I will be exhibiting at this year. My good friends - Kim and Janet Yearsley - from Idaho made the trip up to Bozeman out of own accord to come help me out in my booth.

Kim and Janet hunted with me for the first time last year and a wonderful friendship was formed. Not only did they spend tree days in my booth with me, they also hosted me in their home for two nights after the show and invited a bunch of their friends over for an evening of talking about Africa!

15 January 2019

Duchesne - UT

Onwards to Duchesne Utah to meet up with the Poulson family. Alan, Vicena, Wade and Brooke joined me on a hunt in September last year and vowed to return.

During an evening of fun and laughter, not only did we firm up details for their next hunt, but half of Duchesne will be coming with them next year LOL. I'm looking forward to hosting Wyatt, Ryan, Paul, John and their families together with Alan from Utah and showing them our beautiful part of South Africa!

16 January 2019

Beautiful Utah and Wyoming

Next destination - Billings Montana and so I continued with my road trip through some of the most beautiful country I've had the privilege of experiencing so far in the USA.

My route takes me through Vernal and Rock Springs before an overnight stop in Riverton WY. Then onwards to Billings MT for the Great Rockies Sport Show that runs from Jan 18th thru 20th.

18 - 20 January 2019

Great Rockies Sport Show - Billings MT

This is my first visit to Billings and I've already met some great people. I'm in Booth 39 and open for business.

Billings was good for me and I'm working with quite a few Montana clients towards making their African hunts become a reality.

When I look at some of the animals that some of my competitors display as "trophies", I just again realize how fortunate clients of CT Safaris are when it gets to hunting for mature trophies of high quality as opposed to "ticking them off on the list".

21 January 2019

Eatonville - WA

And off I go to Eatonville outside Seattle for a brief visit with my friend - Frank Putnam at his beautiful property with the most gorgeous view of Mount Rainier!

Great seeing Frank again and enjoying some adult beverages with him whilst waiting for a peak of the mountain through the clouds.

25 - 27 January 2019

SCI Calgary Chapter International Hunting Expo - AB Canada

It's always a pleasure visiting with my friends (more like family) - Daryl and Collene Payne here in Calgary. Our friendship dates back to 2011 when Daryl and Col first hunted with me and they've been graciously hosting me in Calgary on my annual marketing trips ever since.

My neighbor and partner - Frits Hoogendijk joined me in Calgary and helped me manning my booth together with Daryl and Glen Puschner. Within the first couple of hours we already sold a hunt at the show and are looking forward to hosting Adam Luca and his partner next year.

It was a great idea for the African Hunting Expo to join forces with the Africa Show and SCI. The new show is busier than what it was before many serious hunters are in visiting the show.

By the time the show closed Sunday afternoon, 8 new clients had signed up for hunting safaris with CT Safaris.

We also did our promised draw after the show and one lucky hunter won his deposit back. To see the live draw on Jan, 27th 2019 please click HERE.