17 April 2019

Revised pricing on Kudu Trophy Fees for 2020

Over the past 16 years, we've built up an incredible reputation for the exceptional quality Kudu trophies our areas consistently produce. Examples of these can be found in our trophy gallery (Cody Slapak - 62.5", Mike Bauer - 58.5", Mark Sievert - 58.5", Karen Seginak - 56" to name but a few). It's noteworthy to mention that we've never charged by the inch.

However; it was also remarkable how many visitors to my booths this past show season stated that they wanted a chance at a minimum 55" Kudu bull during their hunt...

So after much thought and deliberation we've had to make a call on whether our pricing for specifically big Kudu bulls is market related and a true reflection of the quality that we offer?

Let's be honest; it takes meticulous game management practices to have Kudu grow to the exceptional sizes that we've been producing and more importantly, it takes time to do so. A trophy Kudu bull only reaches his ultimate trophy potential at around 7 - 8 years (often more) and not all Kudu bulls have the potential to grow to 55"+. So would it be fair to pass on mature trophy Kudu bulls in the lower 50's because it is the client's wish to hunt an exceptional Kudu bull and then charge a fixed fee - irrespective of the size of the trophy? We have come to the conclusion that it is not. Consider the extra time, fuel and effort that would potentially be needed to hunt for a Kudu bull of a particular size. This is time, fuel and effort that could productively be used to hunt other species.

More importantly; we have become known for quality hunts and surely quality must come at a price?

With the above in mind, from 2020 onward, the following changes are going to be made to our trophy fee structure for Kudu bulls:

  1. Clients who book Kudu hunts with no specific size requirement will pay a fixed Trophy Fee - irrespective of size. We will hunt for the biggest we can find and if it happens that the first Kudu we come across is a 60" bull, such bull may be hunted and a fixed trophy fee of $3,000 will be charged.
  2. If a Client has a specific size requirement, trophy fees will be adjusted as follows:
    1. <54" - $3,000
    2. >54" <57"4,000
    3. >57 <60" - $5,000
    4. >60" - $10,000

The good news is that the new fee structure will only come into play from 2020 onwards so all the more reason to book your Kudu hunt with CT Safaris NOW!