05 December 2020

A typical day on Safari with Chris Troskie - (submitted by "anonymous")

You awake to the sound of a Cape Turtle dove outside… “work harder, work harder, work harder…” it calls. In the distance Guinea Fowl are cackling, and they are joined by Crested Francolin in a raucous chorus… Unfamiliar sounds they are, and you ask yourself: “Is this a dream?”

It is still dark outside, so you turn on your bedside lamp and savour your luxurious surroundings for a moment. Your room is tastefully decorated in soothing, uniquely African colours. Time for a shower, you decide as you get out of bed…

It is somewhat chilly as you walk to the dining area in the main complex. The sighting of a Giraffe as you exit your chalet makes you realize that you really are in Africa after all! You notice that others were awake long before you and the camp is already bustling with activity. The Land Cruisers are being cleaned and cooler boxes stocked. “Good morning Sir!” Sammy (the lead Tracker) shouts, flashing that big white smile of his.

The start to your hunting day

The aroma of freshly brewed coffee greets you as you enter the breakfast room, and you sit down to enjoy your first meal of the day. Then you realize this is indeed a fantasy but one with a difference… As this is a dream that has just gotten true and you are actually hunting in Africa! “

Are you ready for the day?” Chris asks as he enters the room. “Get your gear and let’s go hunting…” This is the start to your hunting day, and you cannot wait…

Your eyes catch movement in the bush beside you as the Land Cruiser slowly ambles along the dirt track. “What was that?” you ask, “Impala”, comes the reply. Up ahead a herd of Blue Wildebeest crosses the track, followed by a group of Zebras and it dawns on you again… You really are in Africa!

Chris brings the truck to a halt and announces: “Time to go for a walk, get your rifle.” And off you go… Sammy in front, Chris behind him and you in the back. It does not take long for Sammy to pick up a track that is of interest to both him and Chris. “Kudu!” Chris says, “be quiet and stay close”.

Sammy’s skills are impressive as he follows the tracks of (what you hope to be) a big Kudu bull. The tracks lead you through thick bush and up some steep mountains… You are so amazed by the beauty of your surroundings that you are not even thinking about getting tired...

The hunt itself

Then suddenly, they come to a halt. “There he is!” Chris exclaims excitedly. “Let’s have a look”, he says as he brings his binoculars up. You do not immediately see what they are looking at but with some guidance you finally see the Kudu bull on the opposite side of a valley. To you he looks like the biggest most beautiful Kudu bull you had ever seen, and you are eager to take a shot. You know you can make this shot as you took your Elk at twice this distance end of last year.

Disappointment strikes when Chris says: “Nope, that’s a nice bull but we can do better…” You get ready to turn around and head back to the truck… “Wait, there is another one!” Chris says, “let me have a look”.

The shooting sticks come up as Chris explains what he is looking at. And then you see it! To the left of the Kudu bull you had previously seen there is another, even more impressive bull standing perfectly broadside. You find him in your scope and the crosshairs settle on his shoulder. The bull drops in his tracks and you have your Kudu bull of a lifetime.

You arrive back at camp elated after recovering your beautiful trophy. Many pictures were taken before loading it onto the back of the truck with care so as not to damage the cape or other trophy parts. The skinners immediately get to work while you sit down for a hearty brunch.

Today, Bobotie (a Cape Malay dish) is on the menu and you feast on a delicious meal. After brunch it is siesta time for those who wish to do so during the heat of the day. You cannot wait to see what the afternoon hunt will bring up!

That afternoon you connect with a big Impala ram and you cannot be happier. The abundance and variety of wildlife is astounding and there is something new and different around every corner. This is more than just a dream come true – this is the real Africa!

At the end of each day

That evening, as the truck rolls into camp there are smiling faces all over and you’re looking forward to finding your spot next to the campfire, discussing the events of the day, planning the next day and having yet another delicious meal. This is a time when lies are told and experiences are shared. A time for camaraderie and interesting conversation. A time for friendship – unique to only Chris Troskie Safaris.