In addition to Big Game Hunting, CT Safaris also offer wing shooting to our clients.

Ground Birds

Challenging wing shooting opportunities for South African Game Birds  are available between May 1st and August 31st.

In our area, various types of Francolin and Guinea Fowl are most prominent with few opportunities at waterfowl.

The areas we hunt for ground birds in Limpopo Province comprise of a variety of sweet thorn bush veld (ideal guinea fowl territory) , to open grasslands (Francolin territory) where you can witness and experience trained dogs at work.

Doves and Pigeons

Dove and Pigeon hunts are available year round. However; (best time of year being March / April. We mostly hunt doves and pigeons over sunflower and sorghum fields so the quantity of birds - likely to encounter - are very much dependant on planting season and the time of year.