Mark Craighead - June 2012 (RIP):

"It was truly a pleasure to hunt and staying with you guys.

We've made friends for life in you and Sabina.

Your brother in Christ and eternal friend!


September 16th, 2012


Dear all,


A lot has happened in the CT Safaris camp since we last shared news with you.


Limpopo KuduWe had an early start to the 2012 hunting season when Flemming Havemann and his friend Torben from Denmark visited us in February. We hunted next to Kruger National Park and harvested some fine animals including this nice Kudu bull.


Cape Eland Eastern CapeNext in line were Chris Troskie Safaris Veteran Denny Ockinga and his group of friends. Denny was here for his 3rd safari in his quest for some of the plains game species that the Free State and Eastern Cape has to offer and was successful in harvesting all but one of the species on his list. As loyal CT Safaris client Denny was awarded with the first ever “Chris Troskie Veteran” Certificate – beautifully engraved on an indigenous wood plaque.

Gary Mc Kinney, who was here for his first safari, soon earned himself the apt nickname of “Killer Mc Kinney” and shot whatever was shown to him. Between Denny and Gary they harvested 18 quality trophy animals during their 10 day hunt while their companions – Nancy and Mary – first explored the Garden Route under guidance of Uncle Paul and then came to join us near Aliwal North for the remainder of the hunt.


Derek Ekdahl from Alberta CA brought his wife – Christine – over to hunt Natal and Limpopo with us last year and this year, he was back to hunt the Free State and Eastern Cape with us.

A definite highlight was Derek’s 9” Vaal Rhebuck (one of eleven animals harvested during his hunt). But an even greater highlight was one of my Birthday gifts this year... a new CZ550 in .458 LOTT!


After three weeks in the Free State / Eastern Cape we happily returned home to Limpopo to welcome the annual group of Levergunners. As always, it was a wonderful pleasure meeting and making new friends for life in the persons of Charles Shelton, Bill and Karen Nowicki, Sam Skiles and Noah Webb. Species that were harvested during this hunt include Blue Wildebeest, Impala, Warthog, Zebra and Cape Buffalo.


Mark Craighead (founder and owner of contacted me in December last year and booked a safari for him and his daughter – Tori. And a few days after the Levergunners had left Mark and Tori arrived for their 10 day hunt at Sabrisa Ranch... Early in the hunt we spotted a big Kudu bull on the slope of a mountain and Mark did his bit with his .404 Jefferey... Well; I knew it was big when we first saw the bull but had no idea exactly HOW BIG until we measured him... He turned out to be just shy of 60”! Tori did very well too – harvesting a 24” Impala, a 51” Kudu and 27” Nyala!


Six years ago Dan Walker from Casper WY started talking to us about an African safari... Well; in June this year we finally managed to put it all together and Dan, Juanita and Samantha arrived at Sabrisa... Dan was successful in harvesting all the animals on his list including another record book Impala.


We got an unexpected surprise when Werner Faehrmann from Germany (who hunted Zimbabwe with us in 2010) visited us shortly after Dan and family left and asked if we could set up another Elephant hunt for him. Well; we stood up to the challenge and the result was this nice bull harvested next to Kruger National Park... It also afforded me an opportunity to put my new .458 LOTT to the test – a test that the LOTT passed with flying colours!


Elmar and David Dills from Germany harvested several Kudu, Impala and Warthogs during a management hunt that was up next. We also hunted Brown Hyena, Civet, Genet and Jackal.


Our last hunting client for the year was Scott Jennings who came for his 4th hunt with us. During a hard bow hunt in the Eastern Cape and in spite of the weather not playing its part, he harvested record book Vaal Rhebuck, Red Hartebeest and Mountain Reedbuck!


All and all a very busy and successful hunting season with Twenty-One clients hosted on safari this year. We gained access to some excellent new hunting areas in the Eastern Cape including a 10,000 acre ranch near Queenstown with excellent Black Wildebeest, Red Hartebeest, Gemsbok, Springbok and more. For those of you in search of that dream Vaal Rhebuck or Mountain Reedbuck, we have just the place – 30,000 acres of free ranging hunting areas is at our disposal in the Jamestown / Dordrecht vicinity. And of course we continue expanding our areas in Limpopo and Kwa Zulu Natal as well with large new areas next to Kruger National Park now being hunted for Elephant, Buffalo and Sable!


Thank you to all our loyal customers for helping Chris Troskie Safaris grow from strength-to-strength and thank you CT Safaris staff for continuing to provide the exceptional service that customers have come to expect from us.


Until next year!


Chris & Sabina



It was with great sadness that we learned of the passing of Mark Craighead after suffering a heart attack on August 24th. Mark started making concealed carry holsters as a hobby in his garage and selling them to friends and family. These holsters became so popular that he gave up his “real job” as a Registered Nurse and expanded his garage-based operation, founding Crossbreed Holsters  - a company that currently employs over fifty permanent staff members and distributes its high quality holsters internationally. Mark was a dedicated family man with a passion for life and an excellent sense of humour. Our hearts go out to those whom he left behind.


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