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Dan Walker & Family WY USA
Mark & Tori Craighead MO USA
Charles Shelton TX USA
Bill & Karen Nowicki MN USA
Flemming Havemann Denmark
Daryl & Collene Payne AB Canada
Brian Casady TX USA
Jeff Gray NSW Australia
Don Gillespie MO USA
Joe Whitehead NY USA
Derek Ekdahl AB Canada
Christine Alward AB Canada
Paul Jones WY USA
Werner Faehrmann Germany
Scott Jennings TX USA
Erik Kline AB Canada
Jack & Julie Russel FL USA
Karen Cheval WA USA
Mary Dubail WA USA
Nancy King WA USA
John Murdoch Australia
Kevin Stuemke NM USA
Joe Stuemke WY USA
Art Carson MI USA
Mark Thornell TN USA
Robert Stadnychuck AB Canada
Lyle Koss AB Canada
Lorne Koss AB Canada
Les Hennig AB Canada
Austin Watts MN USA
Jeff Pestrue MI USA
Dennis Ockinga WA USA
Robert Blow WA USA
Al diPrima CA USA
Andy Law United Kingdom
Jim Taylor MO USA
Marlin Davis AZ USA
Frank Kelly AZ USA
Regan Nonneman MO USA
Tom Lindner MO USA
Tom Peterson CO USA
Devin Harison CO USA
Davis Keith TN USA
Dan Proctor TN USA
John Asmundson WA USA
Mike Wirtz WI USA
Roger Cox LA USA
John Yacono NY USA
Omar Perez FL USA
Mike Rintoul OR USA
Joe Riekers TX USA

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Karen Seginak - ND USA (2013)

Kudu - LimpopoMy primary goal was to take some animals with my bow - especially a big, mature Kudu bull - but I realized my self-imposed shooting limit of 20 yards was a tall order that put a lot of pressure on Chris as a PH! Nevertheless, Chris accepted the daunting task cheerfully and determinedly, went above and beyond the call of duty, and did his best and then some. By the third morning of hunting, after having numerous encounters with game, I successfully arrowed a dream of a lifetime animal for me - a truly magnificent 59 inch Kudu bull! The hunt went absolutely perfectly and to my dying day I shall not ever forget seeing that beautiful, picture perfect flight of my arrow straight to the heart of that gorgeous bull! Chris had more faith in me than I had in myself and that plus his coaching made all the difference in the world, as I successfully shot the bull at 25 yards. There was much rejoicing in the blind and I am still on top of the world from having such a dream come true! What a brilliant start to my hopefully lifetime of African hunting adventures, as that was my first African animal ever!

I very much enjoyed hunting with Chris. He has some beautiful areas to hunt in with very little hunting pressure, he can offer a wide variety of hunting experiences according to what methods and weapons you prefer to use, and he is a very genuine, honest, humorous, intelligent guy who is a very competent and knowledgeable PH. He works his hardest to see that his hunters succeed and go home satisfied with their hunts. We hunted hard, in a beautiful variety of habitats, both in the blinds and on foot, attempting many stalks under very difficult conditions. Always fun and challenging to try, and I learned a lot about the great art of stalking from Chris. There's still a Red Hartebeest out there waiting to cross paths with one of my arrows! I hadn't even remotely thought about trying to take one of these awkward-looking creatures, but trying to get to within bow range of these extra keen and cagey animals fueled my desires for a future hunt. Another mark of a great PH, in my opinion, as Chris was able to open my eyes to the challenge of a species I had not previously considered. Game was plentiful everywhere we hunted, and I thoroughly enjoyed when Chris would share his vast knowledge of the flora and fauna with me, as I am a wildlife biologist by trade.

I'm just a redneck country girl who goes hunting for the hunting, no frills necessary, but Chris and Sabina's ranch is a very lovely place, indeed! Very elegantly appointed with decidedly African themes, very comfortable and accomodating, and Sabina is an excellent cook as well. Many a night I went to bed with my seams about to burst from overindulging - especially the night we feasted on my Kudu! Evening drinks also were always an enjoyable time of story-telling and laughter.

I left with a heavy heart, after staying one day longer than I had initially planned to. A week passes all too quickly when you are having such a grand time! I surely did not want this hunt to end! But in a way, it didn't. It just is in the "pause" mode for awhile, as I am already planning my second hunt with Chris for as soon as possible in 2014. I highly recommend you contact him as well to join in on the fun and success!

Travis Kuehle MN USA (2013)

Kudu - Travis KuehlI had an amazing time on my first South Africa hunt with Chris, Sabina, and the rest of their staff at CT Safaris.  

Chris put forth 110% effort to put me on the animals I wanted to hunt, and to make my trip a successful and enjoyable one.  I was told by a friend of mine who has hunted with Chris on four separate occasions that I "wouldn't find a harder working PH in Africa", and after hunting with Chris for seven days, I'd definitely agree!  

Both Chris and Sabina really went the "extra mile" to make me feel comfortable and welcome in their home, and Sabina's cooking was simply amazing!  

I went to Africa with the intent of shooting a trophy Kudu, Gemsbok, Impala, and a Warthog, and not only did I accomplish that goal, but I ended up with two new friends in Chris and Sabina.

Gordon Harms - USA

Buffalo with CT SafarisTook 39" Cape buffalo second day,54" Kudu fourth day and filled out with Impala,warthog and zebra in seven day hunt.
Were treated like royalty and must warn you be ready to shoot,Chris will put you on the trophies.

Dan Walker - WY USA (2012)

25Thank you both so much for sharing your special part of the world with us. I have been dreaming of Africa since I was a dirt poor teenage boy, hiding from the misery in my life by immersing myself in hunting books at the library. You helped a dream come true for me buddy. That's a debt I can never repay...

Bill Nowicki - MN USA (2012)

24 inch ImpalaWe can't thank you, Sabina and all your staff enough for the wonderful time we had. Look forward to getting the info from the taxidermist, and putting our feelings to words on your website. You truly provided a wonderful time for us, and we are forever thankful for our experience. We look forward to booking another hunt with you, and consider You and Sabina friends for life..

Kudu with CT Safaris
Flemming Havemann - Denmark (2012)

Torben and I had a most exquisite and enjoyable time together with Chris Troskie, PH, and Sabina, his charming wife. They treated us as royalties and offered us experiences for a lifetime. Right from the early start - about 6 months before our departure to South Africa - we had excellent contact to Chris, and we received very good and useful information.


Having trained our eyes for animals etc. in The Krüger National Park,  we met Chris on a petrol station in White River, close to the luxurious lodge and the beautiful hunting area.

From the first minute there was a friendly atmosphere between us.


During our stay we saw a wide variety of animals and harvested some nice trophies from the list of desires - impala, zebra and kudo.

Chris and his staff have excellent game-eyes. They worked hard to organize and provide the best experience for us hunting as well as during game drives between the huntings. We enjoyed the nice rythm between hunting and non-hunting periods.


Chris and Sabina´s hospitality and humour are second to none which made our stay even more enjoyable. The atmosphere was warm the whole way through - also in the evenings, when we were braiing and sitting around the fire under the stars.


Sabina´s cooking is of high quality, and we give her ***** 5 stars, also for the elegant decoration of the table.

It is always difficult to repeat a success. We do, however, hope to come back hunting with you again, and I will do my best to "persuade" my fellow hunters in Denmark to hunt with you.That would be great!


Torben and I could not have made a better decision than choosing Chris Troskie Safaris.

Daryl Payne - AB Canada (2011)

My wife and I had an outstanding time with Chris and his wife Sabina.  We were treated like royalty and enjoyed every minute of our trip with CT Safaris.  The food, the atmosphere the settings, did I mention the food??…Everything was priceless.  I will admit that my wife had reservations about going to Africa as she doesn’t hunt.  She was anticipating long boring days in camp waiting for me to return from hunting.  Well on the 3rd day of our trip she came to me saying that we need to talk.  I was nervous thinking that maybe she wasn’t having fun.  I asked what was wrong and she said “We’re coming back here!”  Wow what a relief.  She had a great time and got along great with Sabina.  She had her choice of things to do and was never left to be bored.


The hunting I experienced was so much different than home.  We saw game all day every day and I was fortunate enough to take 8 animals in 5 days.  Couple this with an epic tracking job/stalk on a pair of Gemsbok that resulted in 3 up close opportunities with his tracker.  That was mind blowing for me.  Seeing these guys in action is worth every nickel of the trip in itself.


All in all I was able to take a great Gemsbok bull, Gold Medal Impala ram, 2 Bushbucks one of which will be Gold Medal, 2 huge warthogs, an extremely old Kudu bull that was broomed off and had massive bases and a Chacma Baboon that the landowner sorely wanted off of her land.  I think that spells out the recipe for an extremely successful hunt.


I was able to discuss with Chris what I wanted to hunt and how we were going to go about it.  Every night while sitting around the fire we would formulate a plan for the next couple of days.  I always felt included and a part of the hunt.  I never felt like I was just a client that was tagging along to pull the trigger when something big enough came along.  I hunted Limpopo and it is rich with opportunities. CT Safaris is a great choice to take advantage of those opportunities. 


I feel as though I left having made another friend.  I have done other guided hunts before and this is the only time I can say that.  By midway through the first day we were joking like old hunting buddies and for that I am eternally grateful.  I don’t just call anyone a friend but I had no time making that connection with Chris.  He is a hunter at heart and is genuinely determined that his clients have a great time while in his care.


CT Safaris is first class!  I know I’ll be back.  After all, my wife said so!


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